• Holiday Shopping Goes Digital [Infographic]

    Digital is increasingly becoming an integral part of retailers’ marketing strategies for the holiday shopping season, as e-commerce continues to take over the reins from brick and mortar shopping. So how does the 2013 online retail landscape look compared to 2012?

    Triana Murtagh | 13/11/13 | Discussion

  • Getting it Done - Nicole Yershon Interview pt 3

    Change is not something most businesses easily go for. Nicole explains how she works with new clients, getting them to commit 20% spend on the “experimental”, how measurements for success are agreed prior to the project starting, and achieving those goals.

    Triana Murtagh | 11/11/13 | Discussion

  • Why More Emails at Christmas Almost Always Means More Money

    It’s ingrained in most marketers that over-sending on emails is a big no-no, but are we looking at the value of emails incorrectly? Parry Malm says it’s ok to send more (not crappy) emails during Christmas.

    Parry Malm | 07/11/13 | Discussion

  • Know Enough to be Dangerous About Everything

    In the second part of our interview with Nicole Yershon, Ogilvy’s Director of Innovation, she explains how “knowing enough to be dangerous” has helped her make an impact in her role.

    Triana Murtagh | 05/11/13 | Discussion

  • Communicate and Measure - Nicole Yershon Interview Part One

    In the first installment of the Nicole Yershon interview series, Nicole speaks to iStrategy MC Adam Burns about building the foundations of success as Ogilvy’s Director of Innovation.

    Kate Magrath | 30/10/13 | Discussion

  • Three Ways To Know You’re Ready to Jump on the Prospecting Bandwagon

    Creating demand from new potential customers is critical for sustained growth. See whether it’s time for you to start running a prospecting campaign and how best to get started.

    David Dowhan | 28/10/13 | Discussion

  • Five Things Brands Are Doing Wrong On Social

    If used correctly and appropriately, social media can help brands achieve great success – but behind every social account are humans, and humans make mistakes…

    Kate Magrath | 23/10/13 | Discussion

  • How Multivariate Testing Can Put Profit Back in Your Website

    The proof is in the pudding. It’s no longer simply a question of site traffic, but about the buyers parting with their hard-earned cash; it’s about translating those website hits in to real, measurable success.

    Georgina Guthrie | 21/10/13 | Discussion