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Business is Booming: Pandemic Boosts Demand for Outdoor Upgrades

The past year has highlighted the need for an outdoor living space in every home. When cities locked down, the public had no choice but to retreat inside their respective houses and wait until it was safe enough to go out. Billions of people had to adhere to restrictions that limited the activities that they could do to slow and, eventually, stop the spread of the virus.

A Year Indoors

However, staying indoors for the whole day and months is not good for physical and mental health.

Those who spent the majority of their time inside their home were less likely to exercise, which meant that they were sedentary for the duration of the lockdown. They also did not get enough sunlight or were exposed to air pollutants indoors.

Moreover, they are more likely to experience isolation and loneliness. Studies have found that staying indoors for several months leads to sleep disturbance, irritability, decreased libido, and depression. The impact was worse among those who had prior mental health conditions.

But, some were lucky to have a backyard or a lawn where they could sit under the sun or partake in physical activity.

The Pandemic Landscaping and Lawn Care Boom

The pandemic led to losses across many industries, but not in landscaping and lawn care. In fact, the past year only created more demand for services that improve backyards and lawns.

Homeowners who are planning to start a landscaping project might have to wait a couple of months because, right now, companies are fully booked. About 60 percent of landscaping companies have reported revenues to rise and exceed levels before COVID-19.

Meanwhile, about 62 percent of lawn care companies have already exceeded revenue projections. So, if you are asking yourself, “should I invest in a lawn service franchise,” the answer is yes. There is a huge demand for crews that can help maintain and improve outdoor spaces.

The nature of landscaping and lawn care makes the industry more resilient to the pandemic and other crises. It involves outdoor spaces. Workers do not need to come inside the house and potentially put the homeowners at risk of catching COVID-19. Being outdoors also meant that workers were less likely to be exposed to the spreading virus.

The closures of non-essential businesses, including restaurants and bars, created a need for an outdoor living space. People needed more spaces within their property to eat a meal, exercise, or be entertained. They are adding and improving backyards, decks, patios, and lawns to become home extensions.

In addition, outdoor spaces are good for mental health. Being surrounded by the natural environment can lower levels of stress and anxiety. The sight of plants also creates a sense of well-being and, overall, improves life.

Pools Become Necessity

Before the pandemic, swimming pools were considered a luxury that does not really add much value to a real estate property. Nowadays, however, it is a coveted amenity.

When it became clear that the pandemic would not end before summer, homeowners scrambled to have pools installed into their backyard. For the majority of the year, contractors have been very busy. There was even a long waitlist for clients that wanted to hire pool installers. Until now, there are still people inquiring about pool installations. Despite the lifting of restrictions, there is demand for swimming pools.

However, customers should expect more delays. Many pool companies are experiencing shortages of material supply. In the past, contractors only had to order materials as needed. Now, they have to order materials beforehand to ensure that there will be enough for an upcoming project.

Installers believe that the sudden increase in demand for pools can be attributed to more people staying at home during the pandemic. However, the availability of modernized pools that require less maintenance is also a contributing factor.

Start Now

Entrepreneurs should seize the opportunity to start a business right now – especially in landscaping, lawn care, or pool installation – while the demand for services and supplies is high. Despite the pandemic, it is a great time to start a business.

So many businesses had to close in the past year because of lockdowns and other restrictions. There currently is a gap in the market. Fewer competitors are fighting for customers who have excess spending money from savings and stimulus from the government.

Moreover, there is an abundance of talented people who lost their source of income in the past year due to the pandemic.

While the pandemic had been tough to businesses across all sectors, some industries thrived and are booming because of the public health crisis. Entrepreneurs should take advantage of the current state of the market to start their business rather than wait for the pandemic to end.

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