Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Shipping

Amazon claims to sell everything “from A to Z”. And as the largest online company in the world, you can bet that they live up to these claims.

However, first-time online shoppers can find shopping in a place like Amazon very daunting. From shipping cost and times to expecting when your Amazon packages arrive, here is everything you need to know about shipping your Amazon packages.

Placing an Order on Amazon

First, visit the page of an item you want to buy. Choose the quantity (the number of that item you want to buy) and click “Add to Cart.” In some cases, such as clothes with different sizes and phone cases with various colors, you may have to choose specifics for the item you’re buying.

Make sure that the product can be shipped to your area. Most Amazon sellers are based in the United States, so local purchases shouldn’t be a problem. But for buyers in different countries, check if the seller ships to your area.

Next, after adding everything you want into your cart, select the shopping cart icon. There, you can find a summary of everything you want to purchase. Check if your summary has the right number of items and the correct details. You can also delete items you don’t want to purchase or save items to buy for another time.

Once you’re happy with your shopping cart, select “Proceed to Checkout” and follow the instructions that follow. If you don’t have an account, you’ll have to make one. You’ll also have to add your name, phone number, address, and other details they need. Finally, you’ll be asked which mode of payment you’ll be paying with. The available methods include:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club, JCB)
  • Amazon Gift Cards (available in groceries, drugstores, and convenience stores in the United States)

For the first two options, you’ll have to give your card information. Don’t be scared about giving your info to Amazon because they take steps and precautions to protect your credit or debit card information. If your payment method is confirmed, you’ll be charged accordingly once you place your order.

Shipping Options

Amazon has different shipping options at different additional costs. Find out which one best suits your budget and your needs below.

Free Shipping

One option is free shipping, which you can get if you have at least $25 worth of items that are labeled “FREE Shipping” and are having it delivered to an address within the United States. This will follow regular delivery times of 5 to 8 business days. Another option is free one-day shipping provided by gift cards. These do not have a minimum purchase amount.

Seller Shipping

Some products are not in Amazon’s warehouses. These remain with the sellers who ship your orders themselves. Even if your order is over $25, they may still impose shipping fees for personally shipping your items to your location.

Amazon Prime Free Same-Day Delivery

Amazon Prime members in the United States can avail of Free Same-Day delivery. As long as you confirm your purchase of at least $35 before the day’s cutoff (there’s usually a countdown timer for the cutoff), you can opt to choose Same-Day Delivery and receive your item later in the same day. Take note that unexpected problems like changes in inventory, delivery capacity, and the volume of deliveries within the day can affect Amazon’s ability to deliver. And while Same-Day Delivery is available every day on most days of the year, some days where delivery volume is higher than average (e.g. Black Friday Sales, Prime Day, Christmas) can affect your delivery’s timeliness. Also, your delivery address must be a residential one.

Regular, Expedited, and Priority Shipping – US

For regular customers in the United States, expect your delivery to arrive within a week from your purchase. Smaller items will take around two to three business days, while larger packages will take around five business days. Expedited shipping should take around half the time, while priority shipping takes around one to three days.

International Shipping

US Territories and nearby countries like Canada can take up to two weeks of shipping. Meanwhile, countries in other continents can take up to a month to arrive, depending on whether you choose regular, expedited, or priority shipping. Take note that these three shipping options can affect the time it takes for your package to arrive. You may have to pay additional shipping and customs fees from your local customs office.

Tracking Your Package

After Amazon or the seller has your package shipped, you can track where your package is and estimate how long it will be before it arrives. Simply go to the Your Orders page and select the order you want to track. Take note that orders with multiple items may have separate delivery dates as the items may come from different warehouses or sellers.

Next, select “Track Package.” You should see the status of where your package is. For example, if you go on Amazon’s tracking page and see the status is “Shipping Now,” then it means your order is being prepared for shipment. And if it says your package is delivered but no package has arrived yet, contact Amazon about your missing package.

Amazon is a very useful and convenient shopping tool. As a first-time buyer, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the items Amazon offers and their available shipping features. But fancy terms aside, it’s a fairly straightforward process, so you should have no problem shopping. In case you do, though, contact Amazon’s Customer Service immediately.

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