Exploring Ideas for Service-based Businesses This 2021

If there is one thing the pandemic taught homeowners, it’s the value of upgrading and maintaining their homes. It is their first place of escape if anything happens. It’s where they spend half of their lives, and during a pandemic like the COVID-19 crisis, most of their time.

Now more than ever, homeowners know how important it is to keep their homes in tip-top shape. But not all of them have the time, skills, and resources to do so. That opens a world of possibilities and a potential gap in the market.

If you’re good with your hands and love home maintenance, here are some service-based business ideas you can consider and explore this 2021.

Lawn maintenance

If you are someone who loves gardening, landscaping, and maintaining lawns in general, you might want to consider trying a lawn treatment or care franchise. The best part of franchising is that you don’t need to start the business from the ground up. You will have the support and resources you need to get started and the ability to decide how you want the business to go and spend resources and time. At the same time, you will also help a lot of homeowners in the upkeep and landscaping of their lawns.


Another business you can consider is childcare, especially at a time like 2021. A study found that 83 percent of single-parent families and 88 percent of two-parent families depend on non-parental childcare like babysitting and daycare. The childcare industry was also heavily decimated by the pandemic since people needed to keep each other safe from infections. Now more than ever, there is a need for high-quality and safe childcare options, especially as parents might see a full return to the physical workspace.

If you have a background in education or child development, consider starting a small-sized childcare service that accommodates a few kids. Keeping the group small will help you manage better and provide more attention to everyone. You can keep all the kids safe while encouraging socialization among toddlers and babies.

Healthy meal delivery service

If you have a knack for health, nutrition, and cooking, why not try a custom and healthy meal delivery service? Now that some employees face a full return to the office, many of them may not have the time to come up with their own meals. Dining out and having every meal delivered can be expensive. So people will need an alternative to cooking and dining out every single time.

Consider coming up with a healthy menu filled with nutritious meals and sell it to busy professionals weekly. It will help them save some money while giving them access to nutritious meals. Check the food trends in your area and come up with healthier alternatives for the ones that are more indulgent.



Another thing parents need help with is the academic tutoring of their kids. There is no shortage of studies that found that the pandemic has negatively impacted students of all ages. Many of them will need all the help they can get to bounce back.

While the amount of money you can make as home tuition will vary from state to state, certified teachers can earn upwards of $100 hourly. If you are a teacher who might have lost your job during the COVID-19 crisis, academic tutoring might be the best option for you. You can earn some income on the side while imparting knowledge.

Home organizing and interior decorating

If you enjoy home organizing, interior design, and decorating and fancy yourself the next Marie Kondo, why not consider doing it for a fee? Not everyone enjoys thinking of ways to organize closets, desks, bedrooms, and other things. So if that’s something you personally find enthralling, it’s a unique gift and skill.

Moreover, suppose you have a good eye for what makes a space aesthetically pleasing and functional and a good grasp of current design trends. In that case, a career in interior decorating might be the right card for you. Just make sure to get ahead of the latest trends and find the best suppliers, and you will be good to go.

Not everyone has the drive and patience to get into the service industry. So if you have it in your heart and skillset to maintain other people’s homes and households, you are uniquely positioned to provide those needs for them. Consider where your passions and skills meet. Then, you can offer your services to homeowners and parents who are in dire need of your expertise.

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