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Fad Diets Will Not Change Anyone’s Behavior Toward Food

Every couple of months, there’s a new fad diet gaining traction. If it’s timed conveniently, it can be so popular that everyone you know might be into it to get their summer body ready. What these fad diets advocate is the quick, often unhealthy way of losing weight—water weight, to be exact. Some of them go as far as calling themselves a cleanse, which entices more people to get back to these extreme measures regularly.

Health advocates can only warn against fad diets so much. In the end, people will still do what they want, even if it doesn’t make sense to endanger their body in doing so. Meanwhile, those who want to manage their weight healthily and consistently know that it’s the attitude toward food that needs to change.

Picky Eating

You can be eating only salads but still be unhealthy. The reality is that we need variation in our diet to get all the nutrients our body requires. If you are eating only the same kind of salad every day, your sources of nutrients are limited and lacking. It would be better to incorporate some meat, other sources of proteins, and seasonal fruits and vegetables into it. What fad diets often advocate is consuming only a set portion of the same concoction for several weeks. But this deprives the body of nutrients that you could have easily gotten from other sources.

Portion Control

Owners of ice cream or cookie business franchises need not be worried about losing customers. Those who have a healthy relationship with food will not be afraid to treat themselves to the occasional dessert. They know that they can partake in a good portion instead of cutting back on the treat altogether. The key is having a balanced diet, and you do need those sugars and carbohydrates in your body to some extent. It’s not counting calories that will lead to weight loss; it’s the conscious addition of exercise to one’s routine and the active control over the food they eat. It can also be something as simple as actively looking for healthier restaurants even if they are a block farther.

Not Limited to a Month

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Because fad diets offer a way to lose weight fast, they are often advertised to get astounding results after a certain number of days. This deadline seems ideal when your goal is to look good for an event or trip. But know that this deadline also exists because anything longer might cause serious harm to your body. If you continue eating only cabbage or drinking only lemon water, your body will eventually suffer from the lack of nutrients.

It is best to eat a healthy meal and stick to it as a lifestyle, which means that you don’t stick to it for only 30 days. This is where the behavior toward food is emphasized. Your health is important, so you need to eat healthier food to reap long-term rewards. Do this consistently instead of dieting for a month, showing off a visibly slimmer body, and going back to your unhealthy ways.

When it comes to eating healthier, it’s not about quick results and then eating whatever you want after 30 days. It should be about consistency and balance.

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