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Follow This Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

Summer is a good time to do home repairs and home maintenance. Since it isn’t raining, it’s the perfect opportunity to work around the house and get it ready for the colder months. The warmer climate makes it easy for paint, cement, or sealants to cure and harden.

If you’re up for a busy summer doing house repairs and maintenance, here’s a checklist of all the essential things you need to pay attention to.

Indoor home maintenance

Check your ceiling fans and make sure their blades are placed and rotating well and in the right direction to ensure proper cooling and ventilation. Check and repair your stuck doors and windows. Change the air conditioning system filters every three months. Spray some silicone and or lubricant to your sliding window tracks to last the constant opening as well as shutting. Make sure you place some good degreasing cleaner onto the track, give it time to soak and scrub the track with a screwdriver that you have wrapped in a rag or cloth.

  • Kitchen. Check and have the chimneys cleaned thoroughly. Replace the hoses of your washing machine if they are all worn out, cracked, and bulging from years of use. The same goes for your dryer. Spray some insecticides on the gaps and ducts or outlets, if necessary.
  • Garage. Always test your home alarm system. Lubricate the hinges, latches, and locks. Also, lubricate your garage door guides and rolls, and ventilate the garage as well. You do not want any equipment to melt because it cannot handle the heat.

Outdoor home maintenance

checking roof gutter

Never allow the heat to distract you, stay on track with more outdoor summer home maintenance tasks as follows:

  • Attic. Repair the cracks and leaks in gutters and downspouts after you take out all the debris. If you need the gutter replaced or repaired, you can turn to rain gutter installation in Salt Lake City.
  • Fence and driveway. Touch up paints in the exterior of your home, including the fences, if any. Check the driveway. Does it need resealing or repairs? Check and repair caulking in windows. Trim trees and shrubs off of the roof and the home.
    Mend fissures in the exterior of your house’s siding, check for holes where pests can get in. Check closely for ants and termite infestations. Scan for insect holes and treat fire ant mounds with borax or grits.
  • Patio and deck. Replace rotten patio and deck floorboards, you can get quality wood at Madereria Cuauhnahuac. You can also smooth out sharp corners as well. Inspect your outdoor furniture for any mold or mildew; wipe it down before you use them.
    Clean the grill and barbecue, make sure that the valves, hoses, and connectors are working properly and in good working condition.
  • Garbage disposal. Get rid of garbage can door by cleaning with soap and water and then spray with some disinfectant. Flip it over and let it dry. Mow the lawn and keep the grass trimmed down.

There are so many things you can do this summer. Make sure you do the checklist and perform all the tasks that needed to be done. Keep your home in tip-top shape with proper home repairs and maintenance.

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