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Services Law Firms Can Offer to Help Speed Up The Process

  • Law firms offer document automation and review services, electronic filing, digital signatures, case management, and workflow automation to help speed up legal processes. 
  • Electronic filing and service can be used for process services, tax filing, and delivering documents electronically. 
  • Digital signatures enable lawyers to quickly add legally binding signatures to documents without requiring any physical interaction.
  • Dispute resolution and mediation services can help mitigate conflicts and disputes to resolve them more quickly than traditional litigation. 

When it comes to legal matters, time is of the essence. The longer a case or transaction takes, the more expensive it becomes and the more delays and complications it can incur. That’s why many businesses and individuals turn to law firms that offer various services that can help speed up the process. From document drafting and review to electronic filing and digital signatures, numerous tools and techniques can help streamline legal procedures and save time and money in the long run.

Document Automation and Review

One of the most time-consuming aspects of legal work is drafting and reviewing documents, contracts, and agreements. Law firms that offer document automation and review services can help streamline this process. Advanced software and templates can quickly and accurately generate legal documents that meet all the requirements and regulations. They can also review and edit existing documents to ensure they are legally binding and error-free. Here are the types of documents that can be automated and reviewed:


Contracts such as purchase, sale, lease, and employment contracts are some of the most common documents that require review. Automated tools can quickly generate these documents and have them reviewed by experienced lawyers to ensure they meet all the requirements.

Legal Notices

Especially when it comes to business transactions and disputes, legal notices should never be overlooked. Automated services can help ensure all the required notices are sent promptly and meet all legal requirements.

Settlement Agreements

Settlements can be time-consuming and often involve negotiations, mediation, or arbitration. Automated services can help generate settlements with the correct language and ensure all legal requirements are met. This helps make sure that the settlement is enforceable and binding.

Real Estate Leases

To make sure that all the necessary clauses and regulations are included in a real estate lease, law firms usually use automated services to generate and review the document. This ensures that the tenant and landlord’s rights are protected under the contract.

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Electronic Filing and Service

In the past, legal filings had to be done manually, which meant filling out forms, printing documents, and physically delivering them to the courthouse or other relevant authorities. Nowadays, many law firms offer electronic filing and service options, which can dramatically reduce the time and effort involved in these procedures.

Electronic filing allows lawyers to submit documents to courts and other agencies online. In contrast, electronic service enables them to send and receive legal notices and documents electronically, saving time and money on printing, postage, and delivery. Here are the services that can be done via electronic filing and service:

Process Services

Process services notify parties involved in a legal matter of their rights and obligations, usually via certified mail or licensed process servers. This can be done electronically with the help of a licensed process server, which can quickly deliver documents to all relevant parties. This is done by verifying the recipient’s identity and delivering the documents electronically.

Tax Filing

Law firms also provide tax filing services that can be done electronically. This includes filing taxes with state, federal, and local agencies, preparing returns, and submitting them to the relevant authority. Electronic filing of taxes makes the process much faster and more efficient.

Digital Signatures

With digital signatures, lawyers can quickly add legally binding signatures to documents without requiring any physical interaction. This speeds up the process of signing documents and agreements and filing documents with courts or other relevant agencies. It also eliminates the need for printing, scanning, and mailing paper copies of documents.

Case Management and Workflow Automation

Managing legal cases and workflows can be a complex and time-consuming task. Law firms that offer case management and workflow automation services can help simplify and accelerate these processes. Using specialized software and tools, they can track and organize the following:

  • Document management
  • Calendar and task management
  • Automated case tracking
  • Progress updates
  • Data analysis and reports

Dispute Resolution and Mediation Services

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In some cases, disputes and conflicts can prolong legal proceedings and increase costs and risks. Law firms that offer dispute resolution and mediation services can help mitigate these issues. By facilitating negotiations, mediating disagreements, and finding common ground between parties, they can help resolve disputes more quickly and amicably than traditional litigation. This can save everyone involved time, money, and stress and allow businesses and individuals to focus on their core activities and goals.

Technology has allowed law firms to offer various services that dramatically reduce the time and cost of legal proceedings. Consider taking advantage of these services if you’re looking for ways to accelerate your legal matters. You will likely see a significant improvement in the speed and cost of your legal matters.

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