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Visual Merchandising: How a Wall in Your Retail Store Can Boost Your Sales

Retail store owners have only a limited amount of time to make a good first impression the moment a customer walks through the door. Shoppers make an unconscious judgment about a brand within the first few seconds of entering a store, and those seconds often determine whether they buy or not.

In the retail world, a store’s success depends on catching the attention of customers. A high-impact visual display has the power to attract shoppers and improve sales. This is why successful retailers design one wall to channel customers’ attention to hot items or products owners particularly want them to buy.

In designing a wall display for your store, you want to create something that is functional, fits the aesthetic of your shop and encourages customers to make a purchase.

Commanding consumers’ attention

Successful retail walls grab the attention of customers and keep them interested. The wall needs to stand out, so the products on display must be more noticeable compared to the other displays in the store. Make the retail wall taller, wider and more eye-catching to ensure that shoppers will see it the moment they enter.

Take advantage of retail psychology to get customers to walk through the store in the flow you intended. Studies have shown that most shoppers prefer to move right and walk counter-clockwise around a store. Painting the wall the right colour or organising products to create a spectrum or gradient creates an emotional response among people: red for urgency, black for luxury and blue for trust and security.

Adding warm lighting encourages customers to spend more time in those areas of the store. Using spotlights to draw attention to the products on display helps direct attention keeps the focus on the merchandise.

Placing the right items on display

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Creating an eye-catching wall display is ineffective if the products displayed aren’t attention-grabbing. An obvious way to make the most of the wall is by displaying high-profit items. If customers walk into your store looking for best-sellers, make sure they’re easy to find. For best results, keep them within eye level using shelves installed with wall brackets.

Aside from high-profit items and best-sellers, consider displaying seasonal items on the display wall. Observe your retail calendar and ensure that the items on display coincide with relevant shopping events and holidays. Make sure to change the displayed items regularly to maintain the attention of repeat shoppers.

Telling your brand’s story

Your wall display can be used for more than just sales. Use it to make a strong statement about your brand.

Tell a story about your brand by displaying flagship products on the wall. These items don’t have to be best-sellers, but they show customers your business’ initial offers. If executed properly, they will encourage buyers to venture further inside the store.

With only a few seconds to create a first impression on prospective customers, your store needs to maximise every tool available. A well-executed display wall helps draw shoppers in your store, keep them inside longer, convince them to buy and encourage them to return for another purchase.

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