What Companies are in the Consumer services

Diving Deeper into Companies in the Consumer Services Field

In the U.S., there are more than 400,000 companies in the consumer services field the U.S., and in 2015 alone, they collectively generated annual revenue of approximately $300 billion in 2015. 

So what are some business categories that are part of the consumer services field? There’s hospitality, health, retail, leisure and health to name a few.

Technology has developed over time and consumer services companies now need services provided by information technology (IT) professionals to deliver them the data and information security they require.

On top of data collection and security, businesses in the consumer services field also need web designers, computer engineers and analysts to develop more effective experiences for their customers

Consumer Services Field: What is It?

The consumer services field leans more on the processes, results and customer experiences, compared to tangible consumer products like home appliances or furniture. Businesses in the consumer services field mainly focus on transactions, customer experience and how clients access services.

People and technology are the main driving factors of this field. For example, Spotify’s music streaming platform delivers music and a monthly subscription for the application. 

Consumer Services Companies: What Companies are Included?

Wholesale consumer services and retail companies are crucial to industry supply chains.

Retailers buy physical goods from wholesalers or manufacturers and they sometimes do this online and dropshipping products. They then resell these products. Through digital shopping, wholesale consumer services and retail companies have become some of the most lucrative types of consumer services.

The hospitality field includes industries such as lodging, food services, transportation, and tourism-oriented companies. You have companies like Airbnb that have taken advantage of technology to expand their business.

Services that are part of the hospitality consumer services field include restaurant delivery, streaming services and personal shoppers.

Health services and social services companies give people advice and help them in making the right choice about healthcare providers and produces.

Examples of these companies are preventive healthcare sites, health insurance corporations and online and in-person treatment services.

Education services is another type of consumer services company. They provide databases of institutions to help people find accredited colleges, universities and programs.

More examples of education consumer services include electronic services that provide access to learning programs online and other educational services.

Top Companies in the Consumer Services Field

  • Amazon
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Airbnb
  • Costco
  • Home Depot

How Can I Get a Tech Job in the Consumer Services Field?

If you want to find a tech job in the consumer services field then you should have a background in computer science, data science, programming languages and database technologies. 

Having a bachelor’s degree in computer science is also beneficial as you will learn about relevant technologies and develop your programming or coding skills. 

Experience with cybersecurity, web development, data analysis and project management are also beneficial in this field.

There are some roles that may not need a bachelor’s degree. Examples of such roles are web developer and web or graphic designer.

Coding courses can help aspiring web developers and other tech professionals acquire new skills and stay updated on tech trends and computer languages. These roles typically require skills that involve JavaScript, Python, HTML programming and SQL.

Always research the company you’re applying to. For example, if you’re interviewing for a company like Amazon, then make sure to do extra research on what their latest features are and how you can contribute to their team. The good thing is that many people are posting about their interview experiences with popular companies. Increase your chances of successfully passing Amazon’s on-site interview just by reading about what other people have gone through.

Challenges faced by service industries

Like many industries, there are a number of challenges that the consumer service industries face.

One challenge is to always be on top of the latest technology and have talented people that can make the business more competitive. They also face challenges in client acquisition as well as retention because the field is extremely competitive.

The field of tech can be complicated. It’s evolving at a fast pace and formulating new strategies and plans can be time-consuming and exhausting for companies and its people. 

Consumer services companies need to employ tech professionals that are at the top of their game to help execute digital transitions, choose the best software and tools as well as conduct training.


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