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Capitalizing on the Growing Popularity of Always-Open Fitness Centers

A prominent segment of the population today follows irregular work and leisure schedules that make 24-hour fitness centers a popular way of keeping fit. Night owls and workaholics alike appreciate the opportunity to stay fit at a time of their choosing.

One of the most prominent excuses to staying fit is the inability for many people to find time or energy in their schedules to work out. Especially today, where people lead busier lives, the need to stay fit is often placed in the back burner since far too often, even the most enthusiastic of gym-goers find themselves unable to make it to the gym on time.

Changing habits and greater awareness for the need to optimize health according to one’s daily rhythms have made starting a 24-7 fitness franchise a viable enterprise for some. Gyms that close down at night are often missing out on a segment of people whose daily schedules prevents them from working out on a typical 9-to-5 session.

Shifting Work Schedules

The demanding everyday schedule encountered by the people in today’s workforce means that more and more people are working later into the night or into the wee hours of the morning. Workaholics and night owls might prefer these work arrangements, but it’s certainly far from optimal for their health.

One of the ways that most people would cope with the added stress is by exercising—a move that, for many people, is a good way to stay healthy despite the demands of their careers. A sufficiently large population of people who work late into the night can create a ready market for late-night and early morning gym-goers.

Optimizing Circadian Rhythms

Woman lifting weightsIn addition, people today tend to have a better understanding of how their everyday rhythms affect their performance in physical activities. For instance, besides being more convenient for people who work all day, exercising at night may provide additional benefits for night owls—people whose circadian rhythms are attuned to a more night-centric cycle.

Likewise, people who are busier later in the afternoon or are more conventional morning people might be more supercharged at daybreak. And even these elusive individuals could stand to benefit from working out later at night.

Too often, people whose rhythms are geared toward earlier and later times of the day are consigned to working out at home. There, they may lose their enthusiasm to exercise if they find their own homes to be less-than-ideal places to exercise. Having a fitness center than never closes can make regular gym-goers out of this segment of the population.

And if the fitness center is open at night, there’s no reason for anyone who could afford it to just stay at home and watch Netflix when they’re wide awake and bored.

Capturing the Telecommuters

Today, not everybody has to “go” to their jobs. A growing segment of people work from home, often as a means of saving time commuting to their jobs or meeting the difficult demands of juggling their domestic and professional lives. Not a few of them have a very flexible schedule that could have given half the chance, incorporate a workout session or two at their convenience.

And because telecommuters often stay home for much of their lives, it isn’t much of a stretch to tap into their need for regular physical activity outside the home. A gym in their neighborhood that’s open late at night or early in the morning can make regular exercise easier to squeeze into the schedule.

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