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Inbound Marketing Mishaps: Common Mistakes to Avoid

Promoting your products and services is one way to get your brand message across your target audience. Your customers know that you are selling something, but at this point, you should start building a harmonious relationship with them. That is one way that you can get them to trust your brand and eventually pledge their loyalty to your brand.

When it comes to relationship building, you ought to consider inbound marketing as part of your activities. However, not all marketers know how this technique works — and even how to do it right. Simply put, it is the opposite of pushing customers to buy your products. You are actually drawing them into your brand through engaging content and loyalty building efforts.

You might have an idea or two on this, and you might have even tried implementing it. But, if you want to make your efforts truly effective, you should avoid the mistakes that many marketers commit. Here are some of the things that you should take into account.

Not Focusing on Content


You have to remind yourself that you are trying to talk to your target audience. Eventually, you are going to draw them into your brand. The best way to do it is through high-quality content. You may be creating ads and promotional materials, but their quality may be substandard. In this case, you have to invest in good writers, creative directors, and media planners. You have to make your content engaging and fun. You should also explore other types of content other than text, such as videos and infographics. When it comes to strategy, you can work with a marketing agency that helps with building reputations and marketing products.

Not Personalizing Your Materials

You are technically talking to a large number of audiences. With that, you will surely find it hard to customize your content and materials, but you have to try, especially when it comes to emails and product mailers. You have to make your audience feel special; so instead, of saying “Dear Customer” in your e-mail, you may say “Dear Joseph” or “Dear Yvonne”. You have to say their name; after all, there are many apps out there that makes personalization easy.

Forgetting Mobile

Mobile is the present, and it is likely to be the future (with some enhancements, of course). With this, it only makes sense that you invest in bolstering your mobile efforts. This is something that a lot of inbound marketers often overlook. Your audience is using smartphones, so you might as well make your websites and materials mobile-friendly. This should not be difficult, knowing that there are many UX and UI specialists that can help when it comes to making your assets mobile responsive.

Inbound marketing is a much gentler way to make your products and services known to your target audience. It requires you to invest heavily in building a relationship with your target audience, which has great benefits in the long run. It is one effective way to encourage brand affinity, and eventually, loyalty.

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