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How Compressed Air Helps Farmers

The use of compressed air systems is a necessity in various industries such as medical and dental, woodworking, climate control, energy exploration, food and beverage, and many more. Also, effective tools such as compressed air systems have been around farms for decades, powering all sorts of applications and helping create more efficient ways of transport and maintenance for farms. Inflating tyres, maintaining ATVs, painting, and supplying compressed air for pneumatic nail guns and staplers are just a few of the many uses that air compressors have on a farm. Some other uses related to agriculture are:

Water Pumps

The practice of using compressed air for taking water to livestock, crops, and sustainable pastures is widely spreading for its many advantages and convenience. This can help optimise growth and make it easier to have water in difficult areas. Compressed air systems have been of great help to farmers taking care of livestock and crops. Other farmers have seen how effective this equipment is, so they also try to acquire one for their farm operations.

Crop Sprayers

Sprayers are equipment needed to efficiently apply pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers around a farm. To do this, compressed air is normally used in many crop sprayers as they require large amounts of air to work properly. Farmers opt for compressed air systems to prevent insects and toxic substances from harming their plants or animals.

Product transportation

In the food and beverage industry, it is common for product conveyors and pneumatic material handling machines to use compressed air systems to power them with a steady supply of compressed air. This makes the transportation of products easy. It is also cost-effective, so, like farmers, many business people in this industry also opt for compressed air systems.

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Greenhouse ventilation

Some farmers also use air compressors to get clean air flowing to industrial greenhouses that otherwise might have problems to be properly ventilated. Long-term use of this method requires energy-efficient equipment. Thus, look for the right equipment that is both cost- and energy-efficient.


Mechanic storage systems that separate and transport excess grain and other food into silos are usually powered by compressed air. Inside a silo, bulk material sometimes builds up due to some obstructions. In this situation, compressed air can keep the bulk material moving. The use of a compressed air system in silos is highly effective with aggregate, cement, and other materials.

Irrigation line preparation for winter

The cold weather of winter months can bring problems to irrigation lines, causing costly damages to the infrastructure. Farmers can use compressed air to unclog irrigation lines and get rid of the excess water in preparation for winter.

There are a lot more uses of compressed air in agriculture. Depending on the needs of the farm and work, some types of compressors may be better than others. By choosing the right equipment for the job, farmers can boost maximum productivity and energy efficiency. As a farmer, you should also make sure that your compressed air system is bought from a trusted and reputable provider.

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