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Techniques That Will Help You Build a Prominent Brand

A strong brand allows you to reach a wider audience and strengthens your hold in your chosen niche. Branding takes time, and a lot of business savvy; knowing the right techniques provide you with an advantage over your competitors.

Experts from a public relations firm from Phoenix, AZ, cite the following techniques that enable you to create an influential brand.

Find an Archetype and Use It

Carl Jung popularized the concept of an archetype. When applying this to branding, this means you are creating familiar characters your audience relates to. Before these can be fictional people from stories, movies or local folklore. Fast forward to today, it can be a persona of a regular Joe or Jane that makes you a recognizable and personable company.

Finding one is important to the success of building a strong brand. Identify the archetype that fits your organization’s values and vision. Once you determine this, you can create a compelling story around it. A narrative captivates the imagination of your target audience and reels them in to find out more.

A Re-designed Logo

The logo is the first thing a potential customer will see; it makes the initial impression on whether a person will understand the message you convey or not. Some of the world’s successful companies have recognizable logos such as those of Apple, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola. You can emulate their success by using color combinations and visuals that create positive associations with your company.

If you already have one, try to redesign it if it has been years since you made it and if you are trying to rebrand your company. The logo must contain the visual message you want to send to your audience.

Branding Videos

Images and articles are not enough to effectively brand your company. You’ll need videos to achieve your objectives. A video is the go-to content of many users these days because they can just click play and watch instead of pouring all their attention into an article that is 1000 words long.

Create a video that relates to your audience, such as vlogs about your daily routine, behind-the-scenes happenings in your company, or information that they can’t find anywhere else. Make the production personal instead of hiring professional actors and actresses.

You can always seek help from a professional video production company like Kartoffel Films in creating impactful videos that will relate to your audience.

Consistent Position and Messaging

Trying to be everything to everyone may seem like a good idea, but you will lose your brand identity with this approach. Your audience will not know who you are and what you can do. Consistency is the way to go when it comes to branding. Identify a unique selling proposition and a differentiation point to separate your company from your competitors.

Blogging Helps

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Start a blog distinct from your websites; these can include videos, personal posts, photos, and other forms of content that relates to your target audience. This outlet allows you to display your personality and knowledge within a certain field. You can use this as an open forum to learn more about your audience and connect with industry leaders.

These are some of the techniques that enable you to build a strong brand that influences and converts your intended audience. Branding is a strategy that you need to put resources in as it allows you to differentiate from the competition.

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