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Upgrade Your Trash Bins with These Organisational Hacks

Admit it: One of the worst tasks at home is having to organise the trash. Even if you manage to recycle some of the waste that you produce inside the house, having to take out the garbage bag or the garbage bin remains to be the most hotly contested debate in your household. Who’s going to take it out tonight? Daddy? Mommy? Your children who we’re all presuming are intensely arguing the merits of them taking out the trash?

Your municipality may opt for skip hire in Sydney, but that does not mean that the garbage collectors have to knock on your door and take the trash out. No, that’s your responsibility. Honestly, isn’t that such a simple one compared to having to be the one to find a way to decompose or incinerate the trash?

The perennial household problem of taking out the trash might not be a problem anymore if you follow these simple organisational hacks that will ensure that your trash bins remain clean and not at all foul-smelling:

Get Three Separate Trash Bins

The key to organising your trash is simply a bit of an effort on your part. All you need to do is to separate the trash accordingly. Put the biodegradables in one bin and the non-biodegradables in another bin. As for food waste, you can put the food scrap in a decomposing pile that you can later use as a natural fertiliser in your own garden. Or you can bring that scrap to a facility that can use its organic properties.

Drill Holes in the Can

Drill a couple of holes in the sides of the can so that it prevents that suction you often feel when you’re pulling the bag. The reason the bag can get stuck in the can is that it is filled to the brim and has been suctioned to stick to the sides of the can. Make sure to drill the holes a couple of inches from the bottom so that in case fluid spills from the bag, it won’t make too much of a mess.

Keep Extra Bags in the Bin

You might forget to put trash bags in the bin after removing the filled one. As a result, your partner or children might just throw away the trash there without looking for a bag and fitting one in. The most practical thing to do is to leave a couple of bags in the bottom of the bin. That way, no one has the excuse of “I cannot find the bags in the drawers.”

Organisational Hacks - Trash Bins
Garbage collector collecting trash from the bins

Hide the Bins

You may not realise it, but your kitchen counter or island is the best place to hide your trash bins in. it is tall enough and has a lot of space underneath. Just install hinged cabinet doors with hooks that connect to the top of the cabinet. This mechanism will prevent the trash from spilling on the floor.

Clip the Bags

Isn’t it annoying when the trash bags slip and slide inside the bins, and you have to literally pull them up every single time? Clip the ends of the trash bag to the sides of the bin. That will solve the problem.

Put a Handle

Most trash bins don’t have handles. Install one on your own trash bins. This way, you won’t need to put your hand inside the bins whenever you need to pull them out from which cabinet or sink you put them under.

These simple garbage organisational hacks should make it easier for you and the family to throw the trash away. Why is there a need to argue about who’s going to take out the trash when everyone can just take turns? Since the trash is organised, the task doesn’t have to be yucky at all.

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