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Why Everyone Should Learn Wood Carving

These days, wood carving is one of the oldest art forms and is embedded in the art history of many cultures and religions. In fact, most people who take up wood carving do it as a hobby or as a living. However, wood carving offers more than just a means of livelihood or a way to pass the time. More people have begun practicing the art of wood carving, and here’s why:


Working with wood can be calming. For those who’ve had a rough day at work or are tired of dealing with everyday stress, hunkering down and working on your wood carving project can provide you the peace of mind that you need. A study has noted that being focused on carving and chipping away wood can be a practice that provides therapeutic benefits.

Additionally, it’s widely documented that taking up a new hobby and learning a new skill can improve one’s neuroplasticity and even reduce the risk of memory-related illnesses such as dementia. That said, with the right tools and guidance, wood carving is a skill that’s easy and enjoyable to learn (although it might take years to master). It’s also noteworthy that some war veterans find wood carving calming.


Wood carving is a relatively inexpensive hobby; the wood-carving tools needed are quite affordable. There are also multiple videos online, as well as low-cost training if you wish to develop your skills. Also, the raw material that you need for wood carving can be taken from old furniture, fallen branches, and logs lying around. Wood carving is something that teens, adults, and the elderly (as long as they’re still able) can get into, so giving your child or parent a wood-carving kit will not cost much.


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Your hours of wood carving will produce sculptures that can adorn your home or room. Your wood carvings can serve as the embodiment of your skill, as well as hours of effort and dedication. The pride and satisfaction of your finished work can help motivate you in continuing your hobby and give you much-needed encouragement in your day-to-day life.


If you are open about your new wood carving hobby and display some of your works at home, your friends and family might ask or commission you to make carvings for them. As such, you can turn your hobby into something that you earn from but still enjoy. If you are confident that you have become good at it and that there is a market for your carvings, you can consider working full-time making handicrafts and offering wood-carving services. For mass-produced souvenir carvings and key chains, you can also buy a laser engraver to etch fine or uniform details and add your signature to your carvings.

In the end, there is no doubt that wood carving offers a lot of benefits or advantages to those that practice it. So whether you are simply looking to learn a new skill, improve your health, or try a new profession, it might be the right time to start practicing wood carving and be part of the age-old craft.

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